Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning (Official) - Barcelona - English en Barcelona - España

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Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning (Official) - Barcelona - English
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The Ostelea School of Tourism & Hospitality
Master - Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning (Official) - Barcelona - English - Barcelona - España
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Descripción de Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning (Official) - Barcelona - English
Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning (Official) - Barcelona - English.


: 21-40

ESTUDIOS MÍNIMOS NACIONAL: A partir de Bachillerato (ID 4)


CAMPUS: 1-Barcelona


IDIOMA: Inglés




Presentación de Máster

This program will be conducted in English.

Sustainable development has become a new paradigm in the 21st Century, in both the public and private sphere, and from an international right down to a local level. In the tourism sector, this paradigm has given rise to the concept of sustainable tourism, which focuses on the environmental, social and economic aspects in this sector.

There is an ever-growing number of public bodies, academic institutions, tourism destinations, companies and international organizations that actively seek to integrate sustainability criteria into their policies.

Ostelea has decided to run a Master program in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning, which is designed to equip professionals and executives to lead the shift towards more sustainable planning and management of tourism activity, whether in public administrations or in the private sector.

Find out about the latest research conducted by Ostelea on ?Ecological and Sustainable Tourism in Spain?, which observes and analyses one of the tourism formats that has undergone the greatest growth in recent years.

This program is also conducted in Spanish.

Reasons to take the Master:

Executive Skills

  •     Management Experience: Students develop the key competences for managing projects effectively, Soft Skills.
  •     Series of meetings with executives from hotel and restaurant companies, and international tourism consultants.    
  •     Program for developing executive competences: Tourism Skills Development Program (TSDP).

Fieldwork projects

    Eight fieldwork projects in experiences in tourism planning in Barcelona: students will visit various sustainable initiatives around the city of Barcelona related to tourism or which are affected by tourism, such as ecological markets and businesses, self-managed community spaces and community gardens, among others.

Employability and Entrepreneurship

  •     Students who want to set up their own business have access to the Entrepreneur Project, offering advice and guidance.
  •     Employability-focused tuition: Professional Careers programs, Employability Week, Employment Forum, Graduate Programs, among other initiatives (subject to demand).

Other key features

  •     International faculty: Some of the contents on certain courses will be taught by lecturers from Ostelea?s partner universities and business schools.
  •     Research Group: Members of the Master faculty form part of Ostelea?s Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Group (GRIT-Ostelea), the scientific output of which focuses on the field of international tourism management.
  •     Seminars on Hospitality (in the case of Barcelona's programs) and Sustainability (in the case of Madrid's programs).
  •     Language: English or French.


The Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning will give you the following benefits:


Acquiring knowledge of tourism destination planning and management with the application of sustainability criteria. Learning the foundations of sustainable regional development, tourism sustainability and its impact on the quality of the destination?s image.


Designing strategies and plans for dynamizing and differentiating tourism products and destinations based on sustainable tourism management, both in well-established and emerging destinations.


Learning the regulatory framework with respect to regional planning at different scales and its impact on the management of tourism destinations.


Detecting business opportunities: analysing sustainability as a competitive advantage for designing, promoting and commercializing new tourism products.


Discovering and applying information and communications technologies to tourism design and commercialization. Learning to apply the latest methods and techniques for the development and efficient management of tourism products and destinations.


Gaining insight into the environmental impacts of tourism activity for proposing alternatives for sustainable tourism planning and management.

Study Programme:

Ostelea?s Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning is divided into 5 modules:

  •     Governance and sustainable planning of tourism products and destinations.
  •     Sustainable tourism development.
  •     Evaluation, management and conservation of natural heritage.
  •     Tourism Management of natural heritage from a sustainability perspective.
  •     Master?s Thesis

Each of these modules contains several courses which will cover the following areas.


Módulo 1 : Governance and sustainable planning of tourism products and destinations

  •     Governance and strategic planning of sustainable tourism destinations - 6 Credits - Core Course
  •     Marketing and commercialization of sustainable tourism destinations and products - 6 Credits - Core Course

Módulo 2 : Sustainable tourism development

  •     Heritage, tourism and sustainable development - 9 Credits - Core Course
  •     Design and management of endogenous development tourism projects - 6 Credits - Core Course

Módulo 3 : Evaluation, management and conservation of natural heritage

  •     Strategic regional planning - 6 Credits - Core Course
  •     Sustainable management and preservation of natural resources and protected natural spaces - 6 Credits - Core Course

Módulo 4 : Tourism Management of natural heritage from a sustainability perspective

  •     Creation and innovation of sustainable tourism products based on natural resources - 3 Credits - Core Course
  •     Sustainable planning for the development of natural tourism - 6 Credits - Core Course

Módulo 5 : Master?s Thesis

  •     Master?s Thesis - 12 Credits - Core Course

Professional Careers:

Ostelea gives its students training designed to enhance employability

To this end, it gives students access to the Tourism Skills Development Program and a selection of services designed to guide and accompany them towards reaching them professional goals. These services include (subject to offer):

  •     Professional careers programs (choose one): Employability ? Entrepreneurship ? Career Transition
  •     Talent Week
  •     Employment Forum
  •     Graduate Program
  •     Company Meetings

The Tourism Skills Development Program includes (limited places):

  •     Executive skills
  •     Public Relations
  •     Advanced Excel
  •     Tourism Marketing
  •     Coaching

Key Professional Opportunities related to this Master include:

Professional Opportunities

  •     Director of tourism information, promotion and commercialization.
  •     Director of destination programs.
  •     Tourism destination planning and management technician.
  •     Specific tourism product manager.
  •     Tourism product development technician.
  •     Natural and cultural heritage management technician.
  •     Local development agent.
  •     Analyst, consultant or advisor in the tourism sector.

Admission and Qualification Process:


The admission process ensures the candidates? suitability and, as a result, all of the participants can make the very most of this learning experience.

To begin the admission process, candidates must complete the information request form.

After that, Ostelea gets in contact with the candidate to schedule an interview, to which they must bring the following documentation:

  •     University qualification
  •     Curriculum Vitae
  •     Motivation letter
  •     Two letters of recommendation
  •     English certification or interview in English

After completing the interview, Admissions Committee analyses the applications case by case and notifies the candidate of its decision and informs them of their admission status.


Participants that successfully complete the programme will receive a TRIPLE QUALIFICATION:

  •     Máster Universitario en Gestión Turística Sostenible de Recursos y Destinos, con especialidad en Patrimonio Natural, from the Universitat de Lleida (OFFICIAL)
  •     The qualification of Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning from The Ostelea, School of Tourism & Hospitality. (INSTITUTIONAL)
  •     The qualification of Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning from EAE Business School. (INSTITUTIONAL)


Ostelea cuenta con uno de los principales partners del sector de la formación internacional: EAE Business School. Esta exclusiva alianza nos permite contar con una ventaja competitiva relevante, ya que somos el único centro de formación de turismo que combina el aprendizaje de turismo con el desarrollo de los principales conocimientos y competencias del mundo de management. EAE, a lo largo de sus 58 años de historia, ha formado a más de 70,000 directivos que hoy lideran las principales empresas y ha sido reconocida como una de las principales escuelas de negocios de España en diferentes rankings nacionales e internacionales.
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